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The Awards Luk Vincent 2013

Each year, at the end of the International Puppetbuskersfestival, a jury of professionals provides the Award Luk Vincent. This award named after the puppeteer Enzo Van Praet (artist name Luk Vincent) who performed for years, with Theater Taptoe (Be) all over the world, is donated by the family Van Praet. the award is an original piece of art. Since 2006 the family Van Praet provides also a second award for the young talent.

Award Luk Vincent at the right and the award Luk Vincent Young Talent

This year the awards are made by Maud Gérard, member of th company DROLATIC INDUSTRY(Fr) who won the award Luk Vincent in 2009. The jury of this year had 6 members: from the left to right Guido Desimpelaere (musician and composer of theatre music), Donald Hendrickx (lecturer Hogeschool Gent), Hilde Heijnen (actress), Maud Gérard (Drolatic Industry), Francis Houtteman (Centre de la Marionnette de le Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles) and Béa Migom (free-lance journaliste and expert in puppetry). Francis Houtteman was choosen as president of the jury.

The Award Luk Vincent

The jury report

For writing a spectacle, definitely with a female part, an exquisit scene-construction, biting humor, surprising technical inventions and a musical work serving the action completaly.

Thats why the Award Luk Vincent 2013 goes to Compagnie Pelele (Fr) with the performance "Les funestes éousailles de Don Cristobal"

The award Luk Vincent Young Talent

The jury report

For their approach of this contemporary  art  and their research for material and it’s expression. The jury saw a new kind of puppetry, a melting pot of different scenic arts. The wealth of images titillates the imagination.

That's why the Award Luk Vincent Young Talent 2013 goes to Nylon Challenge (Hu) with "The Miss{es}"


Please sign the petition "Save the EFTC!"

Maybe you heard it yet. The Europees FigurenTheaterCentrum has to leave, before the end of September, definitively his base in the Trommelstraat, situated in the cozy Patershol.

We programmed, during 25 years, with pleasure representations, exhibitions and workshops. The EFTC is the place to be, during the Gentse Feesten, to enjoy, in peace, the performances of the International Puppetbuskersfestival, that celebrates his 25th anniversary.

It does hurt us that the owner, the province-government of East Flanders, wants us to leave this site, without looking for alternatives. Beneath that, we are for the Flemish community only a local event, without international emanation.

Luckily there is the proud city of Ghent who stays a loyal partner and who looks with us for a solution. until now without results. The EFTC stays “homeless”.

We won’t let this happen. We want to ask you, our loyal audience, to support us and to sign this petition. So we can show that there is a heart for puppet theatre in Ghent. Together with the International Puppetbuskersfestival the EFTC is a fixed value in our city.



 The poster of the 25th International Puppetbuskersfestival.

It is designed bij Bavo Dockx.

Comment of the jury (Bart Beys, Luk De Bruyker, Patrick De Keyser and Samuel Quenon):
After vieuwing all the posters, only a few favorites remained. Finally the jury choosed the poster designed by Bavo Dockx.
Especially the simple and balanced colour choise of the design pleased the jury. the original typographyLe typofraphie original frappe directement hits when you pass the poster. The illustration, with a wink, contains a lot of funny details and is very contemporairy.

affiche IPBF




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