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Dear friends,

The European Figurentheatercentrum has moved out, the festival-subventions have diminished
still the EFTC can offer you an International Puppetbuskersfestival 2014.

First, we had “the move”. The new home for the Centre is now finally in "The great beguinage” in Sint – Amandsberg. The city of Gent provided this location. This place offers a lot of possibilities . There is space for offices and meeting rooms , a small archive room , a courtyard which gives opportunities for outdoor performances , and there is even a church where we can organize performances. And this lovely place is very close to the Dampoort (within 200 meters from the bus stops Dampoort) . So this part of our problem is solved.

However, this location is too far from the center of the city to replace our courtyard in de Trommelstraat, that was an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the Ghent Festivities.

Then there is the complete new regulation for subsidies given to the participants to the Ghent Festival. We made the exercise based on what we knew at a certain moment. And the result was: the amount of subsidies assigned to us was hardly enough to cover the costs for catering and lodging of artists and employees. We have not even mentioned the fees for playing, transportation costs, promotion and so on…

In April, we finally knew what we would receive. Until then we did not dare to make contracts with our artists. We started negotiations with the council member who is responsible for the Ghent Festival. This resulted in additional subsidies that allows us partially to save the Festival. We are happy that we can do that, but after all we must take note of the fact that our subsidies has fallen back to 54 % of the amount we had in the previous years.

This is the reason why IPBF 2014 will be a “light” version.

Therefore there will be only a program on some public places in the city of Ghent: Korenmarkt, Kalandenberg, the “green” (place between the new City Hall and the Church St. Niklaas) and the corner Botermarkt/Belfortstraat, just in front of the Town Hall. There will be NO program in our cosy court yard. We will do everything to find a solution for the festival edition 2015. But now it is too soon to promise anything. We were also forced to cut into the number of festival days. We will only program in the weekends and on holidays. This means that you can see our festival on following days: Saturday 19th of July, Sunday 20th of July, Monday 21st of July (National Day), Saturday 26th of July and finally Sunday 27th of July. Fortunately, the festival day that we offer traditionally to the children’s cancer department at the University Hospital could be saved.

And finally, we have decided that there will be no "Luk Vincent Award" nor "Luk Vincent Award for Young Talent". Again, we will look for a solution for the festival edition 2015.

Despite this “light” version, we still managed to make an international festival with groups coming from France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Russia and of course Belgium.

A group you surely must see is the Pélélé Company from France with their performance “Les funestes épousailles de Don Cristobal”. The company was the winner of the Luk Vincent Award 2013.

And in the meanwhile exiting times keep going on…


Poster Contest International Puppetbuskersfestival 2014

The annual poster contest for the International Puppet Buskers Festival has gradually grown from a modest contest to a reputable competition. It is even now an exam assignment for various courses Graphic Design.

We also had this year a record number of 109 registration entries. Finally this has resulted in 75 participants who presented a design project . Our jury had a difficult task to choose the perfect image for our festival. The jury consisted of: Bavo Dockx   (poster contest winner IPBF 2013 ) , Luk De Bruyker ( Theater Taptoe ) , Alain Verhelst (Draadpoppentheater Roeselare) , Patrick Dekeyser ( photographer ) and Bart Beys ( EFTC ) . After much deliberations, it soon became clear that everyone had his own and different favorites . Finally the decision was made with the help of th board of Directors of the EFTC. We opted for a clear and striking eye-catcher as winner.

affiche IPBF 2014

The winning design this year is a collective creation with the name: "What's in a name? " . They wanted to create a poster that stands out among the jungle of posters in the streets during the festival. And so they opted for a striking image of the hand: this is indeed the basic tool in the puppet theater. Without manipulation of the hand you can’t bring the dead matter to life.

The universal hand gesture represents love and symbolizes a cross-fertilization between the theater , the shape and the craftsmanship (handmade) . Hand on our heart, the people are so invited to join the festival. The smiley gives puppet theater a contemporary and international cachet: you can see in the hand a joy of life with a serious dose of rock 'n' roll .

The colors are bright : red and yellow are catching the eye and goes hand in hand with a typography that breathes "Schwung".


The Awards Luk Vincent 2013

Each year, at the end of the International Puppetbuskersfestival, a jury of professionals provides the Award Luk Vincent. This award named after the puppeteer Enzo Van Praet (artist name Luk Vincent) who performed for years, with Theater Taptoe (Be) all over the world, is donated by the family Van Praet. the award is an original piece of art. Since 2006 the family Van Praet provides also a second award for the young talent.

Award Luk Vincent at the right and the award Luk Vincent Young Talent

This year the awards are made by Maud Gérard, member of th company DROLATIC INDUSTRY(Fr) who won the award Luk Vincent in 2009. The jury of this year had 6 members: from the left to right Guido Desimpelaere (musician and composer of theatre music), Donald Hendrickx (lecturer Hogeschool Gent), Hilde Heijnen (actress), Maud Gérard (Drolatic Industry), Francis Houtteman (Centre de la Marionnette de le Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles) and Béa Migom (free-lance journaliste and expert in puppetry). Francis Houtteman was choosen as president of the jury.

The Award Luk Vincent

The jury report

For writing a spectacle, definitely with a female part, an exquisit scene-construction, biting humor, surprising technical inventions and a musical work serving the action completaly.

Thats why the Award Luk Vincent 2013 goes to Compagnie Pelele (Fr) with the performance "Les funestes éousailles de Don Cristobal"

The award Luk Vincent Young Talent

The jury report

For their approach of this contemporary  art  and their research for material and it’s expression. The jury saw a new kind of puppetry, a melting pot of different scenic arts. The wealth of images titillates the imagination.

That's why the Award Luk Vincent Young Talent 2013 goes to Nylon Challenge (Hu) with "The Miss{es}"