Bence Sarkadi (Hu)

“The Budapest Marionettes”

“Te Budapest Marionettes” brings about a range of different marionettes in a cycle of short stories accompanied by music. The show is exceptional because the puppet constructor-performer uses an artistic language and a world of forms very characteristic of Central Europe, but creates something new with every puppet. “Te Budapest Marionettes”, with an array of unique and inventive puppets, is an event designed to entertain audiences of all age groups (6-106 years).

Bence Sarkadi is a puppeteer from Hungary with 19 years of professional experience and a PhD in Literary and Theater studies. He started working with marionettes in 1999 and began touring with his one-man puppet shows in 2007. He has performed in the streets and on the stages of 6 continents and has won prestigious awards all around the world.

Sa the 20th of July at 15:30 Kalandenberg 
Sa the 20th of July at 16:30 Green
Su the 21st of July at 15:30 Kalandenberg 
Su the 21st of July at 16:30 Green
Mo the 22nd of July at 14:30 Kinderziekenhuis Prinses Elisabeth
Tu the 23th of July at 13:OO Luisterplein

Bence Sarkadi