Cirque Circulaire (Be)

“Het Grote Circulaire Vlooiencircus”

This is the smallest circus in the world that will give you an itchy experience! Rudolf-Alfonso-Frederico Rumboza( my great-grandfather) was world famous indeed at the beginning of  last century when he travelled  with his phenomenal flea-circus across the globe. Little by little we became unfamiliar with this magical and incredible minicircus. That is the reason why we went on the attic to look for the “flea-circus” and bringing it back to the public to make them squirm  from pleasure again! 

The big Circular Flea-Circus is really unique in its kind.

It is a perfect example how to put the imagination and the laughing muscles of the audience to the test! A big suitcase, a springboard with basin, a dangerous canon for a living canon ball, a tightrope installation, … we show it all. But there is more; the flea-circus has trained a flea to read your mind. The inspiration for this act  came from old illusions featuring fleas  amongst other things.

We hope you will enjoy this interactive show for the whole family!

Monday the 16th of July at 13:00 Luisterplein
Monday the 16th of July at 15:30 Kinderkankerafdeling U.Z. Gent
Tuesday the 17th of July at 15:00 Kalandeberg
Wednesday the 18th of July at 13:00 Luisterplein
Woensdag the 18th of Julys at 15:00 Kalandeberg

 Cirque Circulaire