Compagnia La Fabiola (It)

“Attenti a quei due”

The stars of the show are two very special puppets:
– GIULIO , a dog that is very curious and greedy of candy.
– FABIOLA a sweet, cheeky, hot-temepered, little girl with the charms of a clown.

The company has been working for many years on the construction and development of  sophisticated marionettes animated by a complex system of strings. The result are  two puppet that move the body and also all details of the face and  interact with the audience in a surprising natural way, breaking the thin wall that exist between reality and fiction and without saying a word…amazing, surprising  , practically alive!!!

Sa the 20th of July at 13:00 & 15:00 Luisterplein
Sa the 20th of July at 17:15 Green
Su the 21st of July at 15:45 Green

Compagnia La Fabiola