Compagnie Areski (Fr)


A black and white universe,
between the minimal and the infinity,
from old age to birth …

By using different skills and techniques (pop-up, Kirigami, shadow play, ….) the installations are brought into a play and into space. At the same time they show the different possibilities for working with paper. Moreover there is the desire to create meeting points between the world of animated books and a modern rom of paper theatre.

During the journey five small animated characters will emerge: crazy ad tragicomic stories, gently and lightly telling about loneliness and different ways to escape from it. As an echo of the exhibited works, the animated figures glorify the materiality of the book as being a visual and narrative support and they explore the border between immobility and movement.

The technique of manipulating is based on the principle of a cartoon and animated film: a set of fixed images whose concatenation involves a constant movement.

If these successive images are pasted on the pages of a book, then they will come to stand upright, from the moment a page is turned.