Compagnie de l’Hyppoféroce (Fr)

“Rêves d’une Poule ridicule”

Three sisters, called Poulardovski, are working in something that looks like a battery cage for chickens. One day they discover an egg. The skinny and sick looking chick that is hatched is going to put the sisters’ lives and habits upside down.

All three sistersare trying, each in their own way, to save what is left of their own humanity by realising  the poor chick’s dreams.


“First there was the egg. Or was it the chicken? But all what we need now is a victim. However,  that victim is already pointed out by our modern society: the chicken and the complete battery cage.  As soon as she took up her role, things started to go wrong for the poor chick. Meanwhile the Poulardovski sisters, with the help of their beloved Fiodor (Dostoievski), have decided to save a chicken. And what is happening now with the egg? Well , the egg is a dream, as fragile as the egg shell. Yes it is, Madam!

And so the question remains : is it the chicken or the egg?

Cot cot cot cot codex….

Show without words and a lot of music.

Compagnie de l’Hyppoféroce