Compagnie Dès Demain (Fr)

“Ce que deviennent les choses”

It’s a beautiful day and Léon and Basile are going for a walk. The first one is disabled, the second one is at his service. And despite the apparent tranquillity of this trip, the link that connects both characters is much more than the simplicity it shows. Léon abuses his position as disabled, embittered and cranky, nothing seems to please him despite all the good efforts of Basile.

Basile undergoes without grumbling the whims of Léon. But little by little in the course of the story, strange changes appear that will show us the true nature of both and it will make us looking with a very different view to this relationship…

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Sa the 20th of July at 15:00 Kalandenberg 
Su the 21st of July at 16:30 Kalandenberg 
We the 24th of July at 13:00 Luisterplein

Compagnie Dès Demain