Compagnie des Six Faux Nez (Be)

“La Caravane”

“La-bas” is a child like any other. In fact, he’s a little bit different because he is made of colourful patchwork. And it is this patchwork that makes him to have different adventures. His big question is: “Are there other children on earth who are like him?”. Therefor he travels around the world.

He has already seen a lot of our world (cities, the forest, neighbours, the sky, wars, generosity and stupidities, …). This caravan is his house. He lives there with his mother and an old man, a friend he met on the road. Together they will discover their past, their own story and the story of people who are a little bit different.

It is a warm place where “everybody” can come in. Shadow theatre, moving images, puppetry and actors are bringing alive the magic of theatre. History is living again, sensible and fragile and also very funny. The only aim is to show you a moment of humanity.