Compagnie du Fil à Couper l’Eau Chaude (Be)

Mr. Baraki”

Come and see, come and see, …

Big and small are in love with strange atmospheres, mysterious wardrobe and ancient cabinets!

Come and discover what is happening in the mysterious caravan of Mr. Baraki. In times of crisis nothing is better than a good dose of human warmth.

It is a little bit tight in the small caravan … you are sitting zo close to your neighbor that you can’t scratch your nose. So close … that the deep voice of Ratapoil makes you to fall in another world. You will meet: Lulu, the hilarious lady without a head, Mister BigheaD, a crooner with a voice coming out of the grave and the unprofitable Mr. Baraki!

A world full of humor, strange things and a lot of music!