Compañia Ortiga (Es)


Somewhere in the world, both on this very moment as it has been  for many centuries, numerous souls start their journey… Kumulunimbu is the story of a friendship between a little girl and a cloud ; it is  about courage, injustice, migration and the everlasting hope of the protagonists. This performance combines puppets and a clown ; it fascinates children and move the elderly. The poetry, full of small details and surprises, will take you on a journey through an ocean full of emotions. 

Kumulunimbu arose from the need to talk about migration. It is a tribute to those who have experienced it, who are still living it or who are planning to find their way in life. The focus is on poverty, war, borders, the exploitation of our natural resources in the world…

We are envisaging the power and hope of those who will not stop to believe in  future, even how tough this must be when they are forced to abandon their homes.

Compañia Ortiga