Electric Circus (Nl)


Headspace is a automated miniature theater for 1 spectator at the time, an installation with robotic actors and programmed mechanics, experienced by the audience in an intimate and personal way.

Concept: For 2 minutes the spectator puts on a new giant head, it slides gently over his old head and it shuts him off from the outside world. In dim light and silence a little fully automatic spectacle takes place with live animatronics. There is no screens used nor any recorded sound, all sounds are acoustic and generated at the very moment. Headspace is a reaction on the extensive amount of screen-time in daily live and the artificial experiences taking place online and in social media. 

Inside headspace it is physically impossible to use a phone or a camera, the audience can look with there own eyes only.

Technics: In previous projects Electric Circus used remote control to operate their mechanical-puppets (animatronics). Headspace is full automatic, the remote control is replaced by a special way of programming done by custom made software and interfaces, best described as intuitive programming resulting in lively and spirited machines and animatronics.

Sa the 20th of July from 14:30 until 17:30 Botermarkt
Su the 21t of July from 14:30 until 17:30 Botermarkt

tickets 1€

Electric Circus