Irene Vecchia (It)


The Guarattele Shows are the Neapolitan traditional glove puppets shows. This kind of puppet show is a popular tradition orally handed down from more than 500 years. Main character and soul of the stories is Pulcinella, who, singing to his beloved Teresina, clashes with the “Guappo” the bossy one, or a monstrous dog, or the Death. Through the fight, rhythmic and musical, Pulcinella relives every time in the show that represents, without so many words, the emotions of the human life in which everyone of us could recognize.

The Guarattele Show is like a music, in which the movements are the rhythm and the words are the harmony.

Fr the 26th of July at 13:00 Luisterplein
Sa the 27th of July at 17:15 Green
Su the 28th of July at 15:45 Green

Irene Vecchia