La Puntual (Es)

“Pipa Puppet Show”

A new puppet arrives at La Puntual to surprise and ticle the whole family. His name is Pipa, from Barcelona, but, because he has travelled widely he´s a bit from everywhere. Puppets from other countries have inspired him for many years. What he doesn´t know is that he will fall in love with Nina, and will have to go through ordeals to achieve the first kiss. A crazy, sometimes surreal and tender comedy for puppets

Pipa Puppet Show” is a comedy for all audiences based on the tradition of glove puppets that have been represented since antiquity in the squares and parks of European towns and cities.

It is a traditional spectacle in its form and dramatic structure, but at the same time modern by the themes and characters that appear.

The show shakes the public with the traditional routines and gags of manipulation that refer us to the classic and universal themes (love, struggle, friendship, etc.) and at the same time the spectators of all ages are reflected in the Behaviors typical of the actuality that they see in the personages.

La Puntual