La Sphère Oblik (Fr)

“L’ Objetarium”

Five persons are invited to enter a small caravan where they will discover a workshop for “objectology”. They will witness a surprising series of events shown with humour and poetry. 

It is a very special and delicate place where people will understand the importance of small things, their life cycles and much more than that. It is a wordless performance where objects become alive and start telling the story.

This “Objectarium” interweaves techniques coming from object-theatre and the art of puppetry and deals with the question about the aging of objects while taking along the public on a surrealistic and dreamy journey. In this laboratory full of curiosities invites an object “the shipwrecked” (which is a metaphor for time, absurdness and sensitivity) the public for a poetic-plastic experience which is a mixture of lively and visual art.  

Sa the 27th of July from 14:30 until 17:30 Botermarkt
Su the 28th of July from 14:30 until 17:30 Botermarkt

tickets 1€

La Sphère Oblik