Le Bruit des Casseroles (Fr)


“Lemon” is like observing a creature with a telescope. It is a journey of a creature strange but also familiar. Curious and naïve, he goes on a journey of discovery to the known and he makes unexpected things to appear. He experiences great adventures on small paths.

”Lemon” is the story of a meeting, with the impact of a meteorite, between those who cause metamorphoses. We also talk about humans, those who love their stories so much that they even forget that they have invented them themselves. 

With the power of simplicity, “Lemon” takes us on an absurd and tender journey and makes us part of the infinitely small thing where laughter and wonder arise. 

Sa the 20th of July at 16:30 Kalandenberg
Su the 21st of July at 15:00 Kalandenberg
Mo the 22nd of July at 13:00 Luisterplein

Le Bruit des Casseroles