S.A Marionetas (Pt)



Now presents the street version with the same humor of whenever it can be mounted in any place and auto suffocating of light and sound. We would like to do the world’s first time in gent if possible this company’s new show is the outcome of several years of work in puppetry, more specifically in creations without using the word as a vehicle of communication. This form of making theatre gives the viewer a magical universe carrying him into action.

Since there are no barriers on the communication, this production has been presented all over the world. Etc… had its premiere in Macau.

Short daily life stories from a place where its inhabitants live the most varied adventures. The innocence of actions results in humorous moments experienced by the carved sponge characters. The sounds and movements replace words; the puppets captivate us with its simplicity transporting us to a magical and captivating world and etc… etc.., etc … meanwhile the bird does something he shouldn’t, the cat plays, the ball wiggles and etc… etc… and etc…

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