Sofia Pimentão – Xu (Pt)

Ai Xico Xica”

In this street theatre where a couple of puppets, comes alive by the hands of the puppeteer. The story transforms life momentarily in a magic spell. It take us out of reality for brief moments and reaches the spectators walking occasionally on the street.

The whole expression of the puppet, it s movement, the costumes, the adornments and the music are influenced by the Portuguese folklore. A show that is inspired by regional dances, instruments, sounds and lyrics such as “Vira,” “Chula,” “corridinho,” the “Tirana” and the “fandango” blending together new artistic and experimental trends. In the hands of an actress the doll comes to life. Words are mixed with gestures and mannerisms and choreographies. It communicates with the spectator inciting them to a variety of interpretations.

A production aimed to both children and adults.