Teater Exces (Be)



The Italian Renaissance painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo (ca 1527 – 1593) is now known by his artistic invention of the composed portrait. As soon as he arrives at the Habsburger court, he starts painting his first version of the Four Seasons: portraits made by flowers, fruits, branches and leaves. In a second version of four paintings he makes faces from the elements air, land, water and fire.

After a visit at The Louvre, Patrick Vandewalle is confronted with the works of Arcimboldo. This gave him the idea to make a street theatre production with two fruity figures. This production is now having his première during the Ghent Festival during the IPBF. And this is ideal because Ghent wants to become the green capital of Europe and wants to be an example for more than 50 million of citizens.

“Fruity” is natural street theatre and Patrick Vandewalle is especially searching for a humoristic touch. So a crazy photographer putted a bench in the street, on a square or everywhere he wants. At the one corner you can see a “Fruity man”. At the opposite site you see the nest of a “Fruity woman”. Together they form a charming cosy picture, a beautiful picture so to say.

The crazy photographer is obsessed by his two fruity figures and he now tries to put as many people as possible on the bench between his two fruity friends.