Teatro delle dodici lune (It)

“Transylvania Circus”

The show is based on two techniques: Table puppetry and hand puppets. 

In a circus ring the table puppets perform their numbers: a werewolf is balancing on the moon, a strange creature, half human half dragon, spits fire with his hands and mouth, large and small ghosts perform various acrobatics. And the star of this cirsux is a female vampire. She surprises the public with her transformation act. 

In addition, there are the hand puppets: these “skeleton – clowns” bring their sketch full of black humor that in the end will turn into a gesture of great love between the two clowns. Because, despite their “non-living” state, they have been able to bring their heart to life by falling in love. 

The boss of the company is the only human presence  and the only one who talks using an voice over as if he can read and talk in thoughts. 

Fr the 19th of July at 21:00 CANCELED
Sa the 20th of July at 21:00 Rode Zaal GO! Kunstacademie Gent, Poel 17

tickets 16€50 uitbureau.be

Teatro delle dodici lune