Tenon Mortaise (Can)

“Rapaces ou victimes”

Birds of prey or victims? This show is a walking act for puppet theatre, rather physical but also very funny.

It is the story of two figures who are inseparable. Every day they walk in the park or in a market square to feed the birds. One day ,however, they disappear and nobody knows what happened exactly…

Let these two funny sparrows guide you. They are without age and stem from all times They feed the birds in a quiet corner of the garden without realising that this may be the last time they are throwing away their last piece of bread… 

© Jonas Laclasse Girard

Friday the 20th of July at 13:00 Luisterplein
Saturday the 21st of July at 15:00 Kalandenberg
Sunday the 22nd of July at 16:30 Kalandenberg

Tenon Mortaise