This year is the 30th edition of the International Puppetbuskers Fesival, organised by the Europees Figurentheatercentrum.

We try -as it has always been – to offer our public a variety of puppet theatre from all over the world. One eye guards the quality, while the other keeps an eye on our finances.

It should be said that organizing the festival is always a matter of striking the right balance between the best possible puppet shows and keeping everything as economical as possible for the numerous attendees by performing in areas where the shows belong, i.e. in the street and in lovely squares.

Our shows take place at Kalandeberg, the Green (Braunplein), at the foot of the Belfry and the Laurentplein. These locations are top of the bill and they are very cosy and accommodating. Therefore, it is our goal to let families have a wonderful afternoon whilst they enjoy top level and very amusing puppet shows. This year we will also play in the corner of Onderstraat and Werregarenstraat.

If you plan well ahead you can even enjoy 5 free shows ! Having a good time, that is what it is all about, isnt it ?

Also, we cannot let this jubilee pass without offering something extra to our audience. Hence we looked – with both eyes – at a story by the Ghent author Jan De Vuyst called Djiezes !.  Jan translated the gospel by Marc into the local Ghent dialect, which provides a very enjoyable story, not in the least because of the very funny language and phrases. The story was turned into dialogues and it will be staged by puppets together with the Ghent mixed choir Cantandum and folk musicians. The show will be performed four times in the evening by an ad hoc playersgroup called “’t Spelleke van tuupe te goare.

Finally, we would like to give great credit to all those volunteers, who are available from very early in the morning to very late in the evening to let the audience enjoy the wonderful world of puppetry.

We wish you a splendid and unforgettable International Puppetbuskersfestival !

  • Green
    aan de voet van de "Stadshal"
  • Kalandenberg
  • Botermarkt
    Voet van het Belfort
  • Luisterplein
    op het Laurentplein
  • U.Z. Gent Kinderkankerafdeling
    U.Z. Gent Kinderkankerafdeling
    In het Kinderziekenhuis Prinses Elisabeth