The 32nd “Puppetbuskersfestival” is unfortunately reduced to a minimum due to the
cancellation of the “Ghent festivals”. However, from July 20 onwards , we will be posting
daily a number of videos of groups that we would like to receive at the 2021 festival. So our
festival will be a bit virtual.
The good news is that we managed to program 2 real shows. You can find the dates and
locations on this site.

  • Green
    aan de voet van de "Stadshal"
  • Kalandeberg
  • Botermarkt
    Voet van het Belfort
  • Luisterplein
    op het Laurentplein
  • Rode Zaal
    Rode Zaal
    GO! Kunstacademie, Poel 17, Gent
  • U.Z. Gent Kinderkankerafdeling
    U.Z. Gent Kinderkankerafdeling
    In het Kinderziekenhuis Prinses Elisabeth