Laial and the Flight of Imagination

“Laia and the flight of imagination” is a wordless string-puppet show performed by the puppeteer Júlia Barnabé and her marionette, Laia. The show discusses the hybridism between dream and reality in child’s world. It is also a work that tells us about parental love. Between the puppet and the puppeteer there is a delicate game of complicity and affection, not the traditional neutral relationship.

Laia is a handmade 70-cm string puppet, made of wood, with 20 strings and articulated eyes. She represents a 5 years old girl who loves birds and painting. She wakes up in her bedroom and introduces us the fantastic world of her toys. Playing with them, she invites us to travel through the infinite possibilities of her imagination. When she paints a sunset on the paper with seagulls gliding around, she becomes capable of flying. Daydreaming, she interacts with the children in the audience, dancing with them, hugging them, sitting on their legs and also painting their hands.
The show was developed from a meticulous study of human gestures in order to create a visual narrative without words. "Laia and the Flight of Imagination" is a 20 mitnutes show for family audience that can be performed at the street, theatres and events.
The show has a original soundtrack composed for accordion and guitar by the musicians Danielle Siqueira and Danilo Rodrigues (Brazil) especially for this show.

Like the puppet, the set was also handmade in wood by Júlia Barnabé and designed to fit inside a suitcase, which enables total displacement autonomy.
Along it´s last years on the road, the show has already been performed hundreds times in 10 countries among Europe, Latin America Ásia and África.
zaterdag 23 juli 2022	16.00 u. Augustijnenklooster	16.00 u.
zondag 24 juli 2022	16.00 u. The Green	16.00 u.