Wolfie & Pablina Superstars

zaterdag 16 juli 2022	14.00 u.	Kalandeberg
zaterdag 16 juli 2022	16.00 u.	The Green
zaterdag 16 juli 2022	17.30 u.	Austijnenklooster

zondag 17 juli 2022	16.00 u.	Augustijnenklooster
zondag 17 juli 2022	14.00 u.	Kalandeberg	

My name is Carine Ferry. I am originally from Paris. In my twenties I went to New York and studied visual arts at F.I.T., a university mostly dedicated to fashion — painting, drawing, photography, and we even had a cartoonist from the New Yorker teaching there, which hooked me on New Yorker cartoons forever!

My other great love is puppetry, which I discovered many years later at the famous puppet workshop of Pepe Otal in Barcelona. Wolfie and Pablina were born at the workshop in the Spring of 2017.

They are 2 string puppets who bring happiness and joy wherever they go. They are part chicken, owl and rabbit, and are made of wood and raffia. Wolfie has the green beak and is 9.5 inches high. Pablina, the love of his life, has the orange beak and is 12 inches high.

We are travelling around the world doing shows, on the street and in venues.The pictures published here are taken along our journey. The portraits in pastel and acrylic are sketches I did towards the graphic novel I am writing and drawing now.

Wolfie and Pablina have goals: they want to fight for the right of animals, as all animals should be happy and free as they are. They love to do improv shows with human actors (they love the theatre), dance, and they want to have a large family.[wid]=ee524012-f274-4855-9845-1d8bfa28ddf3&wbl[uid]=127660985&wbl[sid]=822434703465075965&prod&autoscale=