This is the 31st edition of the International Puppetbuskers Festival organised by the Europees Figurentheatercentrum.

As it has always been we try to offer our public a variety of puppet theatre from all over the world. On the one hand our focus is on quality, while on the other hand we keeps an eye on our finances.

That said, our prospecting group PROCO always finds a way of striking the right balance between quality and finances. They succeed in programming the best puppet shows, at the same time keeping everything as economical as possible, which is something the numerous attendees faithfully recognise.  The artists perform in areas where the shows belong, i.e. in the street and in lovely squares.

Throughout the years our puppet shows have always taken place in the most optimal locations : Kalandeberg, the Green (Braunplein), at the foot of the Belfry and the Laurentplein (Luisterplein). These locations are top of the bill and they are very cosy and accommodating. Therefore, it is our goal to let families spend a wonderful afternoon whilst enjoying top level and very entertaining puppet shows.  If you plan well ahead you can even enjoy 5 free shows ! And ‘enjoying’, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it ?

Thanks to the big success our ‘Djiezes!’ evening shows had last year, there will be new exciting evening shows again this year, namely on Friday July 19th, Saturday 20th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th in the Rode Zaal, Poel 17. Tickets can be booked through Uitbureau (www.uitbureau.be).

A nice tradition that we will keep honouring – this year on Monday 22nd – is organising performances at the university hospital UZ Gent for children who suffer from cancer. These kids unfortunately cannot come and see our festival… so we take it to them !

For the 31st time now the whole festival is for 100% supported by volunteers, who are available from very early in the morning to very late in the evening to let the audience enjoy the wonderful world of puppetry.

May you enjoy a splendid and unforgettable International Puppetbuskersfestival !

  • Green
    aan de voet van de "Stadshal"
  • Kalandeberg
  • Botermarkt
    Voet van het Belfort
  • Luisterplein
    op het Laurentplein
  • Rode Zaal
    Rode Zaal
    GO! Kunstacademie, Poel 17, Gent
  • U.Z. Gent Kinderkankerafdeling
    U.Z. Gent Kinderkankerafdeling
    In het Kinderziekenhuis Prinses Elisabeth